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We’re so excited to speak with you! Please check your email and use our private calendar to schedule a call with a member of our team. Space is limited, so be quick about it.

Here’s What To Do While You Wait:

Monitor Your Email for a Message From Us​

It is crucial that you monitor your email for any messages from us. We have already sent you an email with a direct link to our private calendar so that you can schedule your call with us. And questions or updates that we have will be sent via email.

Be sure to check your spam folder to see if anything gets caught. Gmail users may also want to check their “Promotions” tab (Pro Tip: If indeed it is in the “promotions” tab, drag and drop the email from the “promotions” tab to the “primary” tab so that you never miss another email from us.)

Prepare for Your Crucial Brand Booster Call​

We recommend that you begin to prepare for our call together by gathering blocking off at least an hour on your calendar and making sure that you are in sync with any business partners so that they’re on the call too.

Connect With Us On Instagram

This last step is completely optional but we would love for you to join us on Instagram. Give us a follow @CrucialAppeal and get ready for the awesome content that we’re going to drop over there soon.