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Nicki Minaj Releases “The Pinkprint Movie”


Nicki Minaj Releases “The Pinkprint Movie”

Revolt TV premiered Nicki Minaj’s sixteen-minute movie entitled “The Pinkprint Movie” tonight.

The movie featured several songs from her new album “The Pinkprint.” The movie opens up with her song “All Things Go” as Nicki drove around alone on a dark night through the city reflecting on her relationship and quickly transitioned into “The Crying Game” where Nicki is filled with memories and an apparently heavy heart as she let her tears fall in her car.

The film then transitioned into “I Lied” after Nicki’s pity-party is cut short when she gets into a car crash. She is rescued from the crash by Boris Kodjoe and is taken to what appears to be his home. The movie closes out with “Grand Piano” as Nicki finds herself next to her heartbreaker in a restaurant as people stare and gossip at and about them as the scene is interrupted by clips of her love interest playing a piano as if it was her heart, Nicki running through a field, flashbacks of past fights in their relationship, reflecting on her relationship sitting in her car, and spending time with Kodjoe after the accident.

Finally, she realizes that she deserves better as if by way of an epiphany and leaves him. This was a very well-produced film accompanied by some of the best songs from her album and will definitely help someone out there who’s also dealing with a broken heart. Don’t take our word for it though, check out the video below.

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